Problems with Eating the Same Foods Everyday

There are two problems with eating the same foods every day you must know about. Most people don’t even really realize that they’re eating the same foods. Most people have to write their diet down to recognize that their diet is pretty monotonous. They’re eating the same foods over and over and over again. There are two problems with this.

Problems with Eating the Same Foods – Number One

The first of the two problems with eating the same foods over and over again is that different foods have different nutrients in them. If you limit the number of foods that you’re consuming in your diet, you’re limiting the number of beneficial nutrients that you’re going to be consuming. For example, if one food is more predominant in B vitamins per se versus another food that’s more predominant in some of your minerals, you’re going to be shortchanging the intake of some of those nutrients because you’re not diversifying into these other food categories that increase the uptake of the additional nutrients, for example, the minerals. That’s a big reason and it’s also one of the reasons that are common in the promotion of nutrient deficiencies. Also, it leads to one of the reasons that I do micro-nutrient testing in my practice. It is critical to uncover hidden nutrient deficiencies.

Problems with Eating the Same Foods – Number Two

The second of the two problems with eating the same foods over and over that can be detrimental to your health —and probably maybe even more significant and a little bit more important— is that your immune system becomes very alert to the consumption of foods that are consumed consistently over and over. Think about this much like bacteria. The more prevalent bacteria is, the more recognition your immune system gives to that bacteria and the more it tries to mount a defense against that. We don’t typically think about food as being like bacteria in any way and indeed, they’re not. But what you have to appreciate is that food, especially foods that go undigested (and contribute to what some people refer to as a leaky gut), opens the door for us not to break those foods down efficiently, get them down to a small enough size and assimilate them to the point that they’re recognized as food. If this food leaks into our system, as the term leaky gut implies, then our immune system begins to target that food and it develops a response against it. Again, think about this as the more consistent the immune system sees that food. Even if you have a leaky gut scenario, if you have a diversity of foods, you’re less prone to develop consistent food sensitivities to those foods.

Problems with Eating the Same Foods – The Symptoms

Additionally, consuming a monotonous diet and over-consuming the same foods consistently is going to set up immune reactions. The significance of setting up immune reactions is these may lead to such things as joint pain. They can lead to breakouts on the skin. They can lead to headaches. There are a number of symptoms that this can lead to but one of the big categories that we tend to associate with this is auto-immune diseases.  A very common example of this would be autoimmune Hashimotos thyroiditis.  Auto-immune diseases are on the rise in the United States and worldwide. This is just one of the many reasons, but it’s also a reason you can easily control.

Diversity is King for Avoiding the Problems with Eating the Same Foods Repetitively

To make this a little more profound and put the whole picture together, we also want to keep in mind that the more nutrient deficiencies you have, the more dysfunction you have in your immune system, and the more it sets you up for this leaky gut scenario. If you can consume a diverse diet, then you’re going to have better overall nutrient status. You’re also going to be less likely to stimulate your immune system.

I want to make sure that you join us in upcoming videos because I’m going to talk about how the diversity in our diet also affects the bacteria. As we’re talking about today, keep that diet diverse so you can have a greater nutrient balance in your body and you can also prevent any type of food sensitivity and hopefully, food allergy as well. No diet is more beneficial in helping you do this than the Paleo Diet.  With the help of an easy to follow Paleo Diet cookbook resource, you will be on the road to a tasty and diverse diet in no time.

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