Exercise is Part of the Paleolifestyle, Regardless of Age (by Mark Sherwood)

Generational Wellness

As I travel around the world, I have become somewhat of a people watcher.  Obviously my passion for physical wellness and my compassion for those who struggle with weight issues has become a part of the lens through which I often view people.  Though my blogs are intended to reach the masses, this one is specifically geared towards parents and those who wish to be someday.


Let me begin by describing a heartbreaking scene. I am sitting in an LAX terminal as I observe a father and mother walking towards me accompanied by their children. I estimate the parents’ age to be in their 40s with their two girls’ ages to be in their 20s. They all were visibly showing discomfort as they walked.  Additionally, all four were at least 150 pounds overweight. The daughters were even larger than their mother.  I must admit a deep sense of sadness I felt as I thought about what I was really seeing. It was much more than just a severely obese family.  It was a family that undoubtedly will have to deal with the enhanced risk of disease and death at a much earlier age than should be expected. I thought about these daughters one day having children. I even wondered what others may be thinking. Do we really treat ‘those people’ different? Will they have to purchase two seats on the airplane?  I thought about when/how this generational pattern of ‘un-wellness’ began. When will it end? Will it ever?

Let’s face some statistical truths. Today, nearly 4 in 10 Americans are obese.  Predictions are dire with the obesity rate rising in teens and preteens. Someone has to step up and break the cycle of generational ‘un-wellness.’  Parents (and those who wish to be), YOU ARE THE ONES called to step up and break this dangerous cycle. Do something now in regard to changing your life, extending the quantity of your life, enhancing the quality of your life, and starting a generation-changing pattern of wellness. Here are some things you can begin right now:

  • Get a wellness check-up with a doctor that knows functional medicine.
  • Start a walking / exercise program and progress slowly, but consistently.
  • Gradually change your nutritional habits by adding more natural foods and vegetables.  The Paleo Diet is a good place to start.
  • Drink more water making it your main liquid intake.
  • Seek the advice/services of a trusted wellness professional who lives out what he/she teaches
  • Don’t take shortcuts or fall for quick fix gimmicks.

This subject, I realize, can be very personal and very emotional. However, when we are speaking about generations, we are speaking about a very real subject that affects OUR REAL FUTURE.

Please take these few words seriously and pass them on to those you know who need to hear this. It is coming from someone who really cares.  This may be uncomfortable and toe-crunching to talk about, but it is badly needed across our world.  This is not an advertisement for my services, but because of my passion, I will help as a trusted wellness professional. I threw that out there to eliminate an excuse (e.g. no person cares or is willing to help) people often use.  Friends, excuses will get us nowhere.  This time, this day, this hour is the time for parents (and those who wish to be) to stop making excuses and passing the buck.  I challenge you to make the commitment to be THE ONE to begin a pattern of generational wellness in your family.

Here’s to being 4EverFit!

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