High Intensity Fat Burning At Home Workouts You Can Do

If your short on time you can still get a good workout in!

High Intensity Interval

This is a workout that is going to take you less than 20-minutes to complete, but it’s going to work for you. This high intensity interval workout is going to get your heart pumping in no time. In other words, it’s a great way to get in shape and to get your body toned. If you want to see maximum results while only putting in a minimal amount of time, this at home workout has been designed for you.

How it works

There are going to be six exercises listed below. You should commit 60 seconds to each workout and then you will need to complete 20 seconds of jogging in place between each exercise. Use the 20 seconds of jogging as somewhat of a rest period. The goal isn’t to jog at an intense pace, but you do need to keep your body moving during the rest periods, so that’s why I’m suggesting that you jog in place.

These at home workouts / exercises are not going to require you to have access to any equipment. Instead, it’s all bodyweight workouts. If at any point you feel like you can’t complete one of the exercises for the full 60 seconds, you can take a bit of a rest, but you should start exercising again as soon as you catch your breath. If you commit to performing this workout on a regular basis, you’ll begin to see results in no time. Your stamina and overall fitness level will begin to increase dramatically.

Below, you will find a list of the exercises you need to do and in which order. Also, there will be a little bit of information as to why they are the suggested exercises for this particular at home workout.

  1. 1.       Jumping JacksJumping jacks

There’s a reason that you had to perform jumping jacks in P.E. class. Jumping jacks are a classic exercise that is great for getting your heart pumping. You will expend a ton of energy by performing jumping jacks and you’ll be a lot of calories.


  1. 2.       Lateral Jumps                                                                                                                 Lateral jumps

Lateral jumps will help you build strength in your knees, ankles and hips. Lateral jumps will also help build your core.


  1. 3.       Jumping Oblique TwistJumping oblique twist

This is an excellent exercise when you want to shed some pounds and fit into that old pair of jeans. This exercise will

help you burn a ton of calories and also targets the muscles in the midsection.


  1. 4.       Burpees

This is one of those exercises that everybody hates, but you still love to do them. Burpees are great for burning calories and increasing your fitness.


Pendulum Exercise

  1. 5.       Pendulum Swings

Pendulum swings are a great at home workout that you can do to increase your heart rate. They’re also great for working your thighs.


  1. 6.       High Knees

This may look like an easy exercise at first, but once you start performing them, you’re going to quickly realize that they’re much harder than you thought.

high knees 2

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