Maintaining a Paleo Lifestyle Beyond the New Year with Exercise (by Mark Sherwood)

Stepping Into Freedom

When New Year rolls around annually, I see and hear the buzz around new beginnings in the area of wellness. I hear statements like, “I am really going to clean up my eating…this year will be different…now is a great time to get fit…this year is my year.” You and I have heard or said each of these.

The very fact you have read so far in this article speaks volumes about your strong desire to change. This, in itself, should greatly encourage you. Hopefully you have decided to open the window to a new type of life through your adoption of the Paleolithic (Paleo) lifestyle. The idea living this life is living life in the way we were originally created. Dr. Hill’s cookbook, Paleo Transitions, yields great returns and ease in eating with this style. I endorse it fully and utilize it often.


Once you begin to eat in the way our created body intends, you will begin to feel much better, rest better, and function better. You will also begin to have a stronger desire to move more and better (i.e. exercise). You and I both know nutrition + exercise = wellness. Oftentimes, however, I see people who reach this point make critically wrong decisions. They start too fast doing too much. Remember, you and I are talking about a permanent lifestyle (paleo lifestyle) change.  Too fast and too much leads to injuries, failure, and depression.  I am all about success and keeping you on the road to wellness through the remainder of your days on planet earth.

In my next blog, I will show you how to take a ‘solid first step’ in incorporating activity into this new found purpose in your life. If you will follow my instructions, you will not only taste success; you will live it.

Here’s to being 4EverFit!

-Mark Sherwood

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