Paleo Breakfast Ideas: What You Could Do With Pancakes, Part 2

In Paleo Breakfast Ideas: What You Could Do With Pancakes, Part 1, you learned how to make egg pancakes and some pretty unique variations for pancakes made with coconut flour. Today we will continue the Paleo Breakfast Ideas using three main concepts – almond flour, herbs and spices, and vegetables.

1. Use Almond Flour in Your Pancake Recipes.

Almond flour pancakes have a subtle nutty taste and are exceptionally satisfying, keeping the cravings away for hours. Loaded with calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins, almond flour is perfect if you need a nutrient boost. At the same time, almond flour added to non-Paleo breads has been researched in scientific studies and has been proven to lower blood sugar levels after a meal.

Use nut flour blends. For example, you could try any of these for your Paleo breakfast ideas of pancakes with nut flours:

  • 50% almond flour/50% cashew flour
  • 50% almond flour/50% coconut flour
  • 25% cashew flour/25% chestnut flour/50% almond flour.
  • Or even opt for a little known flour from Arizona – mesquite flour.

Try a blend of 25% mesquite flour/75% almond flour or 25% mesquite flour/25% chestnut flour/50% almond flour. The mesquite flour is high in medicinal constituents that are great for blood sugar regulation. Mesquite has a long history of improving blood sugar levels in native populations.

2. Vary Your Herbs and Spices.

Pancakes stuffed with chicken, thyme, and savory will delight your taste buds. Paleo breakfast ideas of pancakes with herbs and spices should also offer a spike of unexpected flavor at times. Keep your family and friends guessing at what you’ll come up with next.

Consider adding basil, oregano, thyme, crushed red pepper, fennel, savory, garlic, cardamom, chili pepper, cinnamon, mint, dill, different types of black peppers and peppercorns, and different types of salts. For example, there are smoked salts, hickory-flavored salts, Himalayan salts, Celtic salt, and other varieties that are exotic and exciting to try.

Every pancake recipe needs at least a pinch of salt – about ¼ teaspoon is better – to bring out the flavors best.

Paleo Breakfast Ideas from Paleo Transitions Cookbook

Paleo Breakfast Ideas from Paleo Transitions Cookbook

At first, you may think to yourself, “What? Why would I add any of those herbs or spices to my pancakes?” Well, one reason is that variation truly is the spice of life. When you brainstorm spices into your Paleo breakfast ideas, your mind and physiology comes alive in many different ways. Just thinking about them pulls your mind out of a rut of boredom.

When consumed, the herbs activate various physiological and metabolic pathways in the body that other foods don’t activate, enhancing your health in numerous yet hidden ways.

Do you remember when peppermint was added to ice creams years ago? Ask your parents what they thought when peppermint ice cream first came out, and how they all thought it would taste horrible! But now peppermint ice cream is a standard in every grocery store. It’s the same thing with basil ice cream – who would ever imagine it could possibly taste good? Yet it does.

Paleo Breakfast Ideas: Think Outside of the Box

Let your Paleo breakfast ideas reflect new herbs and spice combinations that are totally unexpected – and you’ll no doubt create new pancake recipes that will win over your guests no matter what walk of life they are from.

3. Add Vegetables.

The benefit of adding vegetables to your pancake recipes is the immediate boost of nutrient content. When you include pumpkin, sweet potato, or yams as Paleo breakfast ideas in the pancake recipes, you boost levels of the carotenoids dramatically.

Carotenoids act as antioxidants in the body, help improve vision, and are used as precursors of vitamin A. For about a decade now, one company has tested the levels of carotenoids in the body – and most people who take their test fail it miserably because they aren’t eating enough of these foods. By counting pumpkin, yams, and sweet potatoes as some of your ingredients of Paleo breakfast pancake ideas, you could consistently boost your levels of carotenoids and improve your health.

Wow, with all these Paleo breakfast pancake ideas, you just might open up a restaurant for breakfast!

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