Paleo Transitions Cookbook | Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Paleo Transitions Cookbook by Dr. Arland Hill - Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoyby Dr. Arland Hill

Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition

Are you tired of eating bland healthy food instead of food with flavor and taste, but don’t want to ruin your Paleo Lifestyle? Who says you cannot eat Paleo and have it taste good?

Starting your transition into the Paleo Diet should feel comfortable. You should not feel like you are eating food that is foreign to you. You need a starting point to help you take the first step in making the right dietary choices. That is exactly why I have written Paleo Transitions. Paleo Transitions is the cookbook for the person that wants to eat Paleo, but is nervous about making the switch.

There are a lot of cookbooks out there that give Paleo recipes. However, most of these recipes are geared towards the person that is living the Paleo lifestyle. While these are useful resources, they can leave you feeling like being successful on the Paleo diet is almost unobtainable at times. There is no need to feel like this anymore. Paleo Transitions offers simple recipes that anyone can make. Even better is that these recipes will have you eating food that is similar to what your palate already enjoys, but without the grains, dairy and other refined foods.

If you are looking to make the first step into Paleo, or if you are an avid Paleo eater in search of unique recipes that are different than what you have been consuming, then Paleo Transitions is the book for you.

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Here are some testimonials:

Dr. Hill has done a great job of putting together these recipes. Learning the ins and outs of cooking Paleo can be tricky, Dr Hill’s book puts everything into one place so your transition to Paleo is painless and easy. I highly recommend it to my patients, friends, and family. –Dr. Thea Taylor, owner of Crossfit Bay Area

This cookbook had made a huge difference in our recipes. The book is full of wonderful recipes to eat. I have tried some new flavors that I would have never thought would not work together and it was yummmmm! The book is laid out so you can find it easily. I recommend that if you are doing the Paleo this is a book you must have in your recipes books as a must. Thank you Dr. Hill for putting this book together it is a wonderful book.   -Wayne and Robyn, Tx

One of the biggest challenges my patients face when transitioning to the Paleo Diet is learning to plan, prepare and cook meals differently. If that challenge isn’t addressed, it turns into an objection and ultimately failure. I have found that Dr. Hill’s Paleo Transitions Cookbook is a great solution to this challenge. I regularly recommend it to my patients.  -Dr. Donald Thigpen, LA

I have been looking for a healthy way to eat and your Cookbook has been a great resource. Every thing I have tried has been DELISH. I now have some new favorite dishes and my family is loving it. I have also found myself taking a lot of pictures because the dishes turns out so pretty. My son loved the food so much that he gave his grandmother a copy of the book for Christmas. Great job!  -Claudia, Va

I began to live the Paleo lifestyle (or similar) a few years ago. Frankly, though I am unwavering and committed, I found little in the way of recipe or cooking guidelines. After acquiring Dr. Hill’s paleo cookbook, I find the Paleo experience much more rewarding. The recipes are great and full of variety. I have tried 9 of them so far and they all tasted fantastic. The easy to follow directions and instructions make my food selections so simple. I recommend this to everyone who desires to live the Paleo life. -Mark, Ok

My 13 year old son, Preston, asked if he could make us dessert last night after dinner. He reached for Dr Hill’s cookbook and found the recipe for Nut Free Chocolate Chunk Cookies (pg 46). Let me start by saying that Preston does not make it a habit of baking or cooking so he is definitely not a veteran of the kitchen. He said the recipe was very easy to follow and was quite proud of himself when he presented us with these beautiful, BIG, delicious cookies. We were all surprised with the fact they looked and felt like “real” cookies! Other Paleo cookie recipes we have tried are usually more cake-like and don’t quite satisfy the desire for a “cookie.” He already has plans to make more of these delicious cookies today to take and share with friends.  -Kisha, Tx

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