Starting Your Day Right- Paleo Diet Breakfast

There are two kinds of people in this world. The kind that absolutely love breakfast and the kind that can live without it. A Paleo diet breakfast can make both kinds happy. There is not hard line rules for what constitutes the ideal Paleo diet breakfast.

Of course you want to avoid the:

Once you review the list above it sort of leaves you scratching your head wondering if you have to avoid all of that stuff what is left to eat. There is plenty left to eat! You may have to get creative but there are plenty of things left to eat.

If you are not a big breakfast person and don’t feel the need to break your fast right away then its fine to grab a black coffee (or with a little added coconut / almond milk and stevia if you prefer) and head out the door. However keep in mind that this is not a fit for those that have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) or wake up with headaches and is probably a better option for those applying intermittent fasting. It is highly recommended to eat breakfast, but if you just do not like breakfast and prefer to eat later on then it is okay to grab a coffee and head out, but it is better to grab a coffee and maybe a half avocado and spoon or some high quality protein as can often be found in some bars.

If You Are Not Big On Breakfast

If you are not big on sitting down to a meal in the morning, there are some Paleo diet breakfast ideas that may work perfectly for you. You can make a quick smoothie with kale, carrots and some fresh squeezed juice of your choice and a little added protein powder. It will give you the energy boost you want but since you are technically drinking breakfast it may suit you better.

Grab a handful of almonds and seeds (if you are cutting fat this is not for you).

If You Are a Breakfast Lover, Mix things up with a Paleo Diet Breakfast

When you think Paleo diet breakfast think outside the box. A lot of Paleo diet recipes for breakfast mimic traditional breakfast foods in an attempt to make the food more appealing to people that are making the transition from “foods that are bad for you” to “foods that will really feed your body”.

Paleo Diet Breakfast Ideas from Paleo Transitions Cookbook

Paleo Diet Breakfast Ideas from Paleo Transitions Cookbook

If you are big lover of breakfast then using recipes that mimic traditional breakfast foods are going to help you to make the transition to healthier eating. Pure unrefined foods are your best choice. Plant based foods that are organic or home grown are excellent options as ingredients in your breakfast meals.

If you are a committed to a bowl of cereal in the mornings that is fine as long as you are using Paleo ingredients to make your own cereal and opting for unsweetened Almond milk or Coconut milk to splash on top. You can create cereals like Honey Bunches of No Oats. You may have to put a little extra work into it but if you make a large enough batch it can carry you over for the week.

Eggs are NOT dairy. That is surprising to some people because eggs are always sold in the dairy section of the supermarket, but they obviously do not come from a cow, so therefore they are not a dairy product. However if you are on an autoimmune Paleo diet then eggs are not always a Paleo diet breakfast option for you. Eggs may also not be great for anyone that is struggling with gluten allergies / sensitivities because they may also be reactive to the protein in eggs.   You can use eggs technically on a Paleo diet but that is really up to personal preference and diet goals.

Get creative with your morning meal. It will be worth the effort.

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