What is the Paleo Diet in Modern Times?

Nowadays most nutritionists and health authorities believe and promote how healthy cereal grains are for diseases of all civilizations. The information these bodies are basing their claims on is a product of medical studies that cannot establish the cause and effect. These studies are showing an association that is inverse between western diseases and consuming cereal grains, which aren’t demonstrated via controlled randomized trials.

When one asks, what is the paleo diet, they must first ask what it is not. The standard American diet that Americans consume is not a paleo diet. In fact, this diet is the culprit behind the plethora of chronic health issues that seem to emerge out of nowhere, from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, to even subtly contributing to the growth of cancer cells and tumor tissues. Our diet nowadays consists mainly of genetically modified processed foods, which disturbs multiple mechanisms of our body. The possibility of long-term health with these foods in our daily diet is practically nonexistent. They are certainly not paleo foods.

What is the Paleo diet

The Modern Paleo Diet

When shopping at the super market, you can easily identify these types of food. They will usually come in ready to serve containers, laden with preservative and chemicals that an average shopper can’t even pronounce. Just picture how serious the situation has become; more than half the foods we consume are processed and more than half the planet is surviving on them. The increase of diet related illnesses is a clear indicator that something has to change in how we produce the food and how we decide to eat it. Processed food gives birth to food allergies, diseases that are difficult to diagnose let alone treat, and creates more issues for the consumers than solving them. The Paleo diet is a decision one chooses to make on a personal level and implement in their lives.

Consume only organic and pastured meats

We indeed are what we choose to eat, and since we have a choice, you would want to select pastured meat in this modern day and age. Yes, pastured meat may cost a bit more; consider it an investment in not only the environment but also the wellbeing of your body.

What is the Paleo diet and how it prevents food allergies nowadays?

Paleo diet is now more important than ever before, because according to the Food Allergy Research & Education, about 15 million people in America are suffering from numerous food allergies, that includes children more accurately 1 in 13 of them. It rose from by 18% among children over the course of 10 years between 1997 and 2007.

In addition, a paleo diet contains a great amount of fiber rich vegetables. Fiber greatly aids in the function of the gut; in the gastrointestinal tract vegetable fiber ferments, creating fatty acids that promote healthy gut bacteria, and prevents the growth of antagonistic strains of bacteria. What is the paleo diet? It prevents in the development of new allergens.

What is the Paleo Diet in this Modern Day and Age?

Paleo diets have proved to be a remarkable change for quite a lot of individuals. The types of food that are a part of this particular diet make it suitable for everyone, no matter which part of the world you belong to.

Over the last 20 years, human beings are requiring less and less physical activity to get through the day, and consuming processed food on top of such a lifestyle can prove to be dangerous to your health. The consumption of processed foods accumulates harmful fats and problematic toxins in our body. Due to reduced physical movement, these fats and toxins fester into chronic health conditions that are difficult to diagnose until after significant damage has been done.

The Paleo diet can negate the likelihood of obesity and counter all the symptoms that make us lethargic. In addition to that, it will aid in the prevention of numerous chronic health conditions and transform your entire body for the better, while maintaining your body for long-term health.

We are convinced by the media that the world is becoming increasingly health conscious (and that might be true for small percentage of the world’s population), but this is nowhere near to the extent that we’ve been led to believe. Therefore, to not be a victim, could you benefit from the dietary changes now that you know, “What is the Paleo Diet?”

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