What’s on the Paleo Diet Breakfast Menu?

Coming up with a Paleo diet breakfast menu can seem a bit daunting. If you are new to the idea of the Paleo diet and you are struggling with what to grab in the mornings it is understandable. It can seem like the Paleo diet limits options for breakfast foods but that is only because you have yet to rearrange how you think about what breakfast food is.

Breakfast foods do not have to be rooted in grains and dairy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so doing it “right” really pays off.

The Benefits of Paleo Diet Breakfast Foods

When you start your day out the Paleo way you are going to experience more energy, you will be more alert and you will not experience that mid-morning crash that you do with other breakfast foods because you will not be getting those empty carbs and temporary highs from the grains that are found in traditional breakfast foods.

The Paleo diet breakfast can include things like:

  • Anything green
  • Coconut flour (great for making wraps)
  • Oat free oatmeal (made with seeds and nuts)
  • Berries, nuts, seeds (by the handful or as a muesli type cereal served with almond milk)
  • Coconut/Almond milk
  • Almond meal (instead of grain flour)

Personal taste will guide which foods become your favorites. Some people like to have something sweet in the morning. Many people that are new to the Paleo diet are simply floored when they find out that sweet can come from a lot more places that refined sugar.

Honey, Molasses, fruits all contain natural sugars that can be worked into many different recipes that are friendly Paleo Diet breakfast foods. Whipped coconut cream is a nice replacement for whipped cream and goes nicely with berries.

Make it Ahead of Time

If you are like most of us, morning time is go time. It can be tempting to grab something at the drive thru when you are running late and super hungry. So to ward off any potential slip ups make your Paleo diet breakfast ahead of time. It does not have to be elaborate. You can make a nice breakfast salad (yes salad remember you are working on changing how you look at breakfast foods).

Your breakfast salad could have kale, spinach, nuts, berries and some good quality olive oil drizzled over it. Pop it in the fridge and grab it on the go in the morning. How about a trail mix that you prepare over the weekend and put into individual bags so you can grab the bag as you head out the door.

Need something a little more substantial in the morning? A can of tuna with some cut up veggies is a great breakfast rich in protein. You do not have to go the egg, dairy, cereal, grain route to have a healthy balanced breakfast, you just have to change the way you look at food.

Paleo Diet Breakfast Ideas from Paleo Transitions Cookbook

Paleo Diet Breakfast Ideas from Paleo Transitions Cookbook

Drink Your Breakfast

Smoothies are a great breakfast option. They are fast and easy to take with you. Keep some kale, carrots and berries on hand so you can throw them in the blender as you are walking out the door. You can experiment with your smoothie recipes by adding in other fruits and plant based foods.

For The Times That You Have Time

Paleo diet breakfast food is not relegated to raw uncooked veggies (but doesn’t that sound nice) banana bread made with bananas and almond meal is a great weekend breakfast food. Sweet potato pancakes is Paleo friendly and super easy to make. Waffles made with coconut meal and a berry sauce are delicious.

Once you have tried out some of the breakfast food recipes and become more familiar with the Paleo Diet and all its benefits breakfast will become easier and easier to prepare.

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