Is a Hormone Deficiency the Cause of Your Fatigue

Waking up

The alarm clock buzzes and you wince as you roll over and hit snooze. All you want is just to sleep a little longer. If you only had another hour to sleep, it might make it better. You think to yourself it is only Tuesday. How am I going to pull myself through the rest of the week? Grudgingly, you finally pull yourself out of bed, your feet make their way to the floor and you begin dragging yourself through your day. Before the day even gets started, the thought of coming home at 5 o’clock already starts to sound good. But you know you must push yourself through the daily grind.

Wrong Solutions

If this resembles you, you are not alone. The number of patients that I coming in with similar symptoms is countless. The day to day activities have become increasingly tiresome. It seems when I see patients suffering from similar presentations, the symptoms have been present for a while. There may have been efforts to try to alleviate the fatigue. The standard ones seem to present themselves repetitively. Maybe you have tried some B12, or energy drinks and supplements, coffee, or even going to the point of having your thyroid checked. If you are a man dealing with this in your middle ages, low testosterone was likely a consideration.

Hormone Deficiency

While not the only reason, a hormone deficiency is often the cause of fatigue, and many other symptoms. A hormone deficiency is often responsible for feeling unrefreshed when you wake in the morning, as well as becoming tired in the afternoon. If your levels are extremely low, you will feel tired at other times as well and maybe throughout the entire day. Living with a hormone deficiency is no way to live. You feel less than you know you should and it begins to ware on your after time. Lack of productivity makes you question your self-worth. Clearly, having a hormone deficiency is significant.

Right Solutions

However, hormone deficiencies do not have to be a way of life. You do not have to live with the symptoms of a hormone deficiency such as fatigue, lack of motivation and low sex drive, just to name a few. Correcting a hormone deficiency can be a real life changer, literally! It is the difference between enjoying each day and continuing to feel like you are less than you know you truly are.If you are like many of my patients, you quickly realize after considering a few of these symptoms, that you indeed need to address your hormone deficiency. After all, no one wants to drag themselves through each day. Correcting your hormone deficiency means taking action. Hormone deficiencies don’t just go over time. In fact, they generally become worse. The first step is getting the right kind of testing. This means looking at the interplay between all of your hormones and not picking 1 or 2 to address. When you know the state of your hormone deficiency, only then can you set up a realistic plan to intervene.

I have seen the lowest of lows with my patients with they come in when it comes to fatigue and hormone deficiencies. I’m talking about levels low enough to make you question how someone ended up so deficient. Yet, nearly all of these patients turn a corner within a reasonable period of time. Their secret was nothing more than identifying their hormone deficiencies, and other possible sources of fatigue, and taking action.

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