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5 Reasons You are Not Better In Spite of the Best Medical Care

It is not uncommon for a patient to visit my office after having been seen by other doctors.  In fact, it is the norm.  Many patients have seen between 7-8 doctors for the same symptom before visiting my practice.  At first, this seemed very odd to me.  However, after some reflection, the answers became more obvious.  Keep in mind, that many of these patients have seen doctors from some of the most prestigious healthcare institutions from around the country.  What is ironic is that when I talk to trusted colleagues, they are seeing patients that are in the same situation.  Why are our practices able to help, when others have not?  What is the common theme?


The Philosophy of Addition and Subtraction

While the number of well intended, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities continues to increase and become more accessible, the real question we should be asking is why are they necessary.  The numbers of such facilities is more in demand now than ever to attempt to manage the growing number of people with healthcare needs.  The majority of these patients have needs related to chronic disease.  However, traditional approaches to chronic disease are not showing significant impact.  In fact, they are losing the battle in many areas.  Why?  In spite of cutting edge science, we are still losing the battle.  The answer is simple.  The focus of care, while patient-centered, assumes that by adding medications, a toxin in their own right, and performing appropriately needed surgeries, that health can be restored.  The reality is that this approach has never restored health, nor will it ever.

True Healing

The philosophy of addition and subtraction does not focus on restoring the body from the inside out.  In fact, it does just the opposite.  It addresses it from the outside in.  The assumption being that if I add or remove to the body from outside means, health will be restored.  Yet health comes from within.  When the body has the necessary cofactors and the interferences to healing and normal body function are removed, wellness is easily achieved.  The body does not need direction to achieve wellness.  It just needs the necessary cofactors and the interferences removed.  Here are 5 ways to make sure your body gets what it needs and you are getting the interferences out of the way.

Good Health Starts with the Right Foods

It almost seems cliche to say that you need to eat good to have good health.  However, the importance of diet can never be understated.  In a world that is plagued with unhealthy food options and driven by a healthcare system that places little emphasis on food, few are going to get this basic requirement for good health.  Hopefully you have not been to a hospital lately.  But if you have, you know that the food options there don’t have much in common with good health.  In fact, many of the items I have seen on these trays contains some interferences to optimal health.  For example, jello.  A combination of gelatin and food coloring, both of which can cause inflammation.  What is even more concerning is that most don’t even make the connection of just how important food is to their health.  It literally can be the one factor that builds your body up, or breaks your body down.

What’s Missing that you Need?

If you are missing your vitamins and minerals, your body’s metabolism is inefficient.  I am not just referring to how you burn fat when I speak of metabolism.  I am talking about the entire operation of your body.  Your metabolism is everything from brain function to detoxification.  If you are not getting adequate amounts of nutrients to meet you bodily needs, you are not going to be healthy.  Just like having the right components to make the engine in your car run, your body also needs the right components.  Your vitamins and minerals are literally your metabolic spark plugs and without them, you are running in low gear and moving at a snail’s pace towards wellness.  In fact, you are probably moving away from it.

What Is Getting in the Way of You Healing

Allergies and sensitivities – Allergies are associated with seasonal changes.  However, there is far more to allergies than just the common runny nose and itchy eyes that comes with seasonal allergies.  In fact, allergies, or the immediate response from the immune system, are a significant contributor to interfering with healing.  They misdirect the immune system causing it to focus on foods and substances that otherwise should not be a problem.  Just how common are allergies, specifically food allergies?  Well they are common enough that the FDA has issued a list of the top 8 allergens.  What may surprise you is that this list contains some of the most commonly consumed foods in the standard American diet.  Maybe it is not so coincidental that the standard American diet and food allergies are both interferences to optimal health.  And just as allergies are immediate reactions by our immune system, sensitivities, sometimes also called immune intolerances, are delayed reactions.  They can cause similar problems, but just often take longer to develop.

Toxicities – Do you drink or shower in pure, filtered water every day?  Do you work inside and inhale contaminated air?  These may be simple things that you overlook.  Municipal water systems remove some of the toxins that can be found in water.  Yet, they do not even come close to removing all of them.  Industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals are commonly found in the water supply.  When you ingest these or inhale them as through a hot shower, they begin to build up in the system.  Such toxicities often cause nutrient deficiencies and other negative effects.  It is literally a slow poisoning.

Infections – Infections are a major source of interference that are often overlooked.  Yes, obvious infections are easy to deal with.  But what about infections that are not so obvious.  Subtle indicators often give clues to just such as infection.  These can harbor in the gastrointestinal tract, the sinuses, the mouth and other areas that are hospitable for growth.  Such infections go undetected by standard methods, but not by the immune system.  As a result, the body spends precious resources bolstering immune responses to chronically deal with an infection, or even infections.  All of this takes place at the expense of good health.

You Heal From the Inside Out

When the body is provided with the necessary co-factors that it needs to heal and health-robbing interferences are removed, the body only knows one state of being; Optimal Health!  Battling chronic disease and ending the continual increase in the number of those suffering from them will never end until the paradigm changes.  A paradigm of wellness that focuses on health from the inside out always has been, and always will be, the only way to true health.

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