Genetically Modified Foods

Standard American Diet and GMO foods

The Contamination of the Standard American Diet with GMO Foods

Do you like being tricked or lied to? I don’t think anyone is going to answer yes to this question. However, this is exactly what the food industry has done with the introduction of genetically modified foods as part of the standard American diet. You have been sold one thing while you thought that you were getting something else.

How You Were Lied To

The food industry is clever. They want to increase the profits they can make from food. After all it is a business. Without disclosing what they were doing, the food industry began to change the contents of the standard American diet right under our noses. We thought we were getting foods that at least resembled the foods of the primal caveman diet. Yet, what we were getting was something much different. It had a different genetic structure. For example, it was still called corn, but it was no longer the same corn that had been part of the primal diet. It was a “new and improved” form of corn.

Problems with Genetically Modified Foods

Over the years the human body has adapted to certain foods. These foods were recognized by our bodies and they worked well together. We could eat them without little consequence. However, this is not the case when consuming genetically modified foods. The genetically modified foods that have found their way into the standard American diet are damaging to our health. These foods now possess qualities about them that may be beneficial in regards to high crop yield, but they are detrimental when it comes to our health. Probably the most recognized example of this in the standard American diet is corn. Corn was genetically manipulated with a particular strain of bacteria. The end result was a species of corn that could resist damage from insects by poisoning the insect. However, the damage related to this genetic manipulation does not end here. It also affects humans. Critics might argue in defense of genetic manipulation, however, science has now begun to prove that these foods are actually dangerous. In the case of corn, the genetically manipulated strain damages our red blood cells.


Ask yourself this question. If there was not some suspicion by the FDA and USDA about the effects of genetically modified foods, then why would it be necessary to use a different labeling code for them in the grocery stores? Foods that are genetically modified have a 5 digit code that begins with a 8. Foods that are organic, which cannot be genetically modified by definition, have a 5 digit code that begins with an 9. Lastly, foods that are neither genetically modified nor organic have a 4 digit code. Labeling foods in this manner seems like a good way to keep yourself out of legal trouble, although you are still responsible for putting a food on the shelf that can cause human harm.

Back to the Paleo Diet

The only way that you are going to avoid the genetically modified foods of the standard American diet is to transition to a primal diet, also known as the Paleo Diet. The primal dietary pattern consists of foods that are not subjected to the genetic modification process. The foods that have especially been affected are grains and meats that consume these grains. All the better reason to avoid grains and eat grass fed and wild meats. Grass fed and wild meats are found on a primal diet, aka the Paleo Diet, but are not part of the standard American diet. It is unfortunate that as a society we have been lied to by the food industry. Yet the reality is that we have been lied to and the best way to avoid the ill effects of their actions is to consume a primal diet.

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