An Effective Detox Begins with The Paleo Diet

What is “Detox”?

Detoxification has become a buzzword in healthcare.  Unquestionably when performed correctly it works. Otherwise, so many people would not be interested in detoxification programs.  But detoxification also comes with a stigma.  Many hear detoxification and shun the idea because they associated it with frequent trips to the restroom and feeling poor.  If this is what you experience with detoxification, you are not undergoing an adequate detoxification process.  In fact, you may be doing your body more harm than good.

Do You Know Why You Should Detox

Detoxification is an important concept in today’s world.  We are inundated with toxic chemicals and substances from nearly every direction.  As we become a more industrialized society, chemicals that did not exist 50 years ago now saturate our environment.  Those that we deemed toxic decades ago remain because they don’t breakdown efficiently.  This is a real problem as bodies have the same burden.  While we have effective means to breakdown some toxicants, not all are so easily transformed and released from our system.  Thus our body needs support.  Add to this picture the fact that we produce our own toxins that have to be equally eliminated.  As you can see the load of toxins can become burdensome rather quickly.  With this toxic burden often come many common symptoms.  These include fatigue, weight loss, allergies, and gastrointestinal dysfunction just to name a few.

Detoxification Does Not have to be Confusing

Detoxification can seem like a confusing term.  Much of this has originated from the idea of detoxification being confused with colon cleansing, or as it should more accurately be stated colon purging.  When I speak of detoxification, we are referring to a completely different process.  Detoxification, or as the research community calls it detoxification, is a true bodily process.  It is something that your body performs on a daily basis.  Without it you would accumulate numerous internal toxins that would damage the body.  When we speak of physiologic detoxification, we are actually referring to the process of transforming a harmful substance into one that is less damaging to the body and eliminating it through the liver and ultimately the bowels.  For this to happen, purging to the bowels is not required, and further not recommended.

The Benefits of Detoxification

Detoxification has numerous benefits, the most profound of which is the reduction of chemical substances that promote inflammation and degeneration of our bodily systems.  As these systems degenerate, the body becomes less efficient as it is becoming toxic.  The human body can deal with some toxic burden, but the system cannot handle an accumulation of toxins, whether environmental or produced from within.  When our inherent detoxification systems are functioning appropriately, many of the common symptoms noted above become less significant.  If the body is not focused on dealing with the strain of toxins, it can increase the resources needed for energy production, promoting a healthy immune system and optimizing bowel function.


The Paleo Diet Accelerates Detoxification

Since detoxification is founded in good health that instinctively means that the Paleo Diet must be a part of it.  The Paleo Diet has some true advantages when it comes to daily maintenance of detoxification or application of a detoxification program.  Foremost, the Paleo Diet provides adequate protein.  Protein is essential to maintaining good liver function and without it, the liver lacks the resources to efficiently clear toxins through the second of its two stages.  Additionally, the diet emphasizes the incorporation of vegetables and fruits.  These have 2 key advantages, fiber and antioxidantsFiber is necessary as it provides a binding site for toxins so that they can be eliminated.  Antioxidants are needed to reduce the inflammatory load that can present as toxins are being eliminated.  These same foods also provide the nutrients needed to support the phase one of two that is a part of detoxification by the liver.

How to Have Detox Success Using the Paleo Diet

A successful detox begins with the Paleo Diet.  When using the Paleo Diet, you are incorporating foods that are naturally nourishing to the body, provide the essential nutrients needed to support the body’s detox process, and avoiding the consumption of foods that are themselves toxic to the body.  If you are serious about detoxification, you must follow through on the Paleo Diet.  The best part is you will get to enjoy tasty, nutritious food while supporting your health at the same time.

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