Hormone Deficiency is a Common Cause of Fatigue


Have you ever asked someone how they are doing today, only to hear the response, “I’m tired.” Unfortunately, the person that answered this way is in the majority. Many people are going throughout their lives living in a state of constant fatigue. Fatigue is more than just a simple annoyance. Rather, it suggests that the overall state of the body is less than optimal. However, rarely is anything done about it. Many just keep trying to push through. Eventually fatigue becomes a way of life. However, this is no way to live life.

Biggest complaint

In talking with healthcare providers across the country, one of the most common complaints that enter their clinics is fatigue. This problem is not isolated to Houston. Rather it is concern throughout the entire United States. Fatigue can seem illusive. It is correlated with many different states of dysfunction and disease. However, it is not specific to any one condition. When dealing with fatigue, finding answers can seem challenging. The likelihood of finding an answer can seem daunting if you have been dealing with if for some time. After all, there is no medication to take for fatigue. Occasionally approaches such as B12 injections are recommended, but while useful, they rarely get to the underlying reason for fatigue.


Fatigue can present many ways. It can be noticed as lack of energy upon rising in the morning after sleeping, decreased production during the day, a lull in motivation in the afternoon or even mental fog and gut dysfunction. However, of the many presentations of fatigue, the one that I see repetitively is hormone deficiency. Hormone deficiencies that cause fatigue tend to manifest as a result of the increased demand for the stress hormone cortisol. As more cortisol is needed to aid in accommodation to stress, the result is a state of hormone deficiency is created since a limited amount of hormone can be produced each day. Once this threshold is exceeded, hormone deficiencies begin to manifest.


This should come as no surprise. Ask yourself if you are dealing with more dealing with fatigue. Now, also be honest and ask if you are also dealing with more stress than what is considered ideal for your body. If the answer to both of these is yes, you are not by yourself. There are many others out there just like you. The difference however, is that you know see the connection between hormones and fatigue. If your fatigue feels more chronic and unrelenting, your hormone deficiencies are likely more severe and need immediate attention to help alleviate your symptoms. If you feel fatigued when your stress levels increase, this is speaking directly to you.


However, as with many things in healthcare, the cause provides us a solution when approached in a restorative manner. If a hormone deficiency is a primary cause of fatigue in today’s high stress environment, then identifying the cause of the production of the stress hormone cortisol is a must. To build levels back up, commonsense hormone restoration should be a consideration. However, this alone will not help keep your energy levels up. In addition, hormone deficiency related fatigue also occurs secondary to lack of exercise, a diet devoid of the right nutrients and cofactors, reduced ability to remove toxins from our body, and not taking the time to enjoy life.


One thing you should absolutely know about fatigue is that it does not have to be a way of life. You can overcome fatigue, but it takes knowing the more common causes. One of the most common is hormone deficiency. Deficiencies in multiple hormones can be associated with fatigue, but much of it can be linked back to the stress hormone cortisol. Therefore, a diligent approach to conquering fatigue means not only addressing the stress hormone cortisol, but also knowing how all of your hormones are being affected. Take this step and you will soon be on the path to improved health and wellness and fatigue will be a thing of the past.

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