Gluten and common sickness

Gluten Intolerence

If you know you have a gluten intolerance, the best thing you can do for yourself is to simply stay away from it. The reason why gluten free is the way to go is because, when you do have an intolerance and you consume foods with wheat, you will stress your body out and that’s how you receive all the symptoms. Another important reason why gluten free is the way to be, is because if you keep consuming it when you’re not supposed to, you can cause worse conditions to come along. Many people find themselves getting a cold more than the average person when it comes time for the winter season. Not to mention, any minor sickness that goes around, they catch it. This is because when consuming gluten, it can cause your immune system to be significantly affected.

The Paleo Lifestyle

The best and foremost way that many people are able to succeed on a gluten free diet is a Paleo lifestyle. In my practice, I recommend this diet to all of my patients. A Paleo diet consists of having no wheat, dairy, or refined foods. It can be quite simple to follow as you are still eating normal food. The Paleo diet doesn’t consist any gluten; that’s why many gluten intolerant sufferers choose to go with this lifestyle. The Paleo diet in itself, can help you to build up your immune system and protect you against health conditions, even life-threatening ones. With the lean meat, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables, you will be able to eat healthy, while not restricting yourself and feeling the need to indulge. There are many Paleo recipes to get you through this lifestyle.

It’s an allergy

The reason why gluten affects the body so much is because it’s allergic to it. You’re bound to never let your immune system recover if you keep consuming it. If you don’t already know you have a gluten intolerance, the best way to find out, is to try the elimination diet; this means taking gluten out for 30 days and following the Paleo diet.

I’m sure if you don’t know you have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity, you have been to your doctors telling him/her how much you’ve been sick lately; they will write it off as the season it is and prescribe you some medication. They will tell you to get a lot of rest and make sure to take vitamins and drink a lot of water. Yes, water and vitamins help but when you are allergic to gluten and are still consuming it, the vitamins and water don’t matter anymore. Cutting it out entirely will help you feel better. Now that you know why gluten free helps common sickness, you can eliminate it if you want to feel better. When it comes to trying this lifestyle, you have absolutely nothing to lose; except maybe that constant sickness. The energy and the healthy way of living will be worth every single day that you’re gluten free and on the Paleo way of living.

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